Her closest friends have chosen Archè, a message that defines their characters and their friendship.

Archè Consulting Albania was created by the desire and purpose of its founder, Flutura Veipi, to bring consultancy to Albanian businesses in the field of corporate governance and improvement of financial judgment and decision taking.

Why Us?

Positive Energy

Direct Communication


Qualified Staff



The Mission of the company is to carry out this consultancy with positive energy and always bring attention to the goal of creating and running a client’s business, having an objective, mission and building strategy that must be well-aligned with all elements in order to succeed. Often in a business, the mission, the vision and the strategy to achieve those in the long run, are neglected; moved on to a second plan, as the daily routine is more demanding and urgent and it remains just survival or profit maximizing in the short run. We want to remind you of these basic principles of the purpose of creating your business, beyond that of creating profits, and to bring you more positive energy, to help you achieve the objectives and to offer the confidence that actions based on good managing principles guarantee a more stable growth of your business.

How do we do this? Our principle and working procedure consists in improving your knowledge, so that you can become more independent and support you in strategy implementation through concepts of mentoring and coaching. With mutual trust and direct communication, we stand close to you throughout your strategy implementation until it becomes an essential part of the company, installed in its foundations.

Since February 2017, Arche Consulting Albania is pre-qualified by EBRD to provide the advisory services to beneficiary micro, small and medium sized enterprises through projects supported by the EBRD in Albania.