Financial Management

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Financial prosperity requires

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The key elements of financial management consist of planning, organizing and controlling the financial activities by ensuring reduction of costs for finance, ensuring availability of funds and performing profitable investments.


Financial management focuses on decisions relating to run the firm so as to maximize profit and value. It deals with management of the financial resources for a smooth functioning of the organization’s goals.

Working together

At Arche, we see the financial management as an organic function of every company which deals decisions on funding, investments and dividend payments.

working together

Key benefits

While working with us, we will support the management team build a culture in financial management.

Our process includes working on:

  • Financial Performance

    We support the management team have a thorough overview of the financial performance by analyzing revenues, profitability, operational efficiency, capital adequacy and liquidity in line with the business strategy and peer comparison.

  • Business Planning

    We focus on supporting the management team in the process of business planning, setting KPI's and monitoring.

  • Funding and Investments

    Our experts focus and deliver tools and frameworks for assessing funding options and profitability of investments.

  • Financing Alternatives

    Our team will support in comparing financing alternatives in the financial sector including price, covenants, procedures and timing.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    We support the management team in merger and acquisition process by providing services of company valuation and process management.

  • Capacity Building

    We will design together with the management team an effective training and development program for finance related staff.

We are driven by the fact that resources are limited and financial management functions must ensure the sustainable development of the organization while taking care of the shareholder’s interests.

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