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An organization is a set-up where people with diverse backgrounds, different qualifications and different interests come together to work to achieve common goals set out by the company strategy.


Organization management is the art of decision making for allocation of resources, coordination of employees, task assignment and the process of systematic review of human resources, finances and priorities with the aim of achieving the goals set out in the company strategy.

Working together

At Arche, we bring together more than a decade of experience in organization management, the best practices and a committed team to support our clients build an effective and efficient organization.

working together

Key benefits

While working with us, we will support the management team build and focus on a systematic review of the organization.

Our process includes working on:

  • Internal Organization

    We support the management team to assess internal organization of the company in the light of purpose of creation and its presence in the market.

  • Effective Decision Making

    We focus on assessing and thorough evaluation of effectiveness of operational and strategic-decision making process.

  • Process Evaluation

    Our experts focus and deliver tools and frameworks for process evaluation and employee readiness for change as core elements for keeping an agile organization.

  • Change Management

    Our team will provide the toolkit and will support the leaders to manage major changes by predicting, planning, measuring and managing associated risks.

  • Organizational Communication

    We support the management in delivering effective organizational communication of strategy, plans, objectives and results.

  • Operating Model

    We will design together with the management team the operating model for translating the organization strategy into achievable results.

We believe that a good organizational structure is essential for expansion of the business activities while becoming a better place to work for the employees.

Adela Leka

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