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The rapidly changing external environment, fueled by technology, globalization and societal changes, challenge the management of the SME in two different directions, innovation and transformation.


The organization needs innovation and transformation to adapt and in parallel, ensure the integrity and a sustainable internal environment of the business.

Working together

Our approach to transformation is focused on a full set of capabilities, tools and experience in Strategy, Organization, Risk Management, Financial Management and Human Resources.

working together

Key benefits

While working with us, we will support the management team creating a culture of positive attitude toward transformation and innovation.

Our process includes working on:

  • Transformation through innovation

    We support the management team to assess what kind of transformation is needed in the company

  • Now and the future

    We focus on defining the status quo and the goals of transformation in order to assess the magnitude, complexity and velocity of transformation.

  • Design and implement

    Our experts focus and deliver tools and frameworks dot design the required changes in strategy, organization, operations, customer relationship, financial and human resources and compose the plan for transformation.

  • Effective communication

    Our team will support the management team to effectively communicate changes with the aim of on-boarding all organization members.

  • Measuring Success

    We will support the process of enabling management team to design, monitor and make the best use of KPI's as a tool for measuring success and supporting the decision making process.

We see transformation as a necessary and continuous internal process of the SMEs as a response to a rapidly changing external environment. Rather than a one-time event, transformation is a continuous process of assessment, designing, communication and monitoring.

Joni Gusho

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